Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Barom One - Barom One tai Barom-san (Barom One vs Barom-San)

Label : 殺害塩化ビニール - MURDERCD-6767
Country : Japan
Year : 1998
Format : CD
Confession time, I uploaded this somewhere else before putting it all on display here. I put it on a very exclusive place of the net, with a name to the tune of J■op■u■i. Most kidding aside, this is a rather interesting and Japanese album.

(It came with an obi so you know it's legit)

This was actually my first foray into the world of import via proxy. Fun and notso fun stuff, and sometimes the only way to get items such as this, but it was worth it. I had been familiar with this peculiar grouping when I happened upon their split with Brezel Göring which contained some very choice tracks (one or two or three of which appear on here). Intrigued, I sook out more stuff by them and happened upon this on a Japanese auction site and the rest is a subfootnote of history.

 (Not a noise album without some collage. Colorful, too!)

The music, to my clouded understanding, is some bizarre mix of synthpunk, japanoise, jpop, and karaoke standards. Fun fer all the broken families of the werld.

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