Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Various Artists - Put Down Your Pencil

Label : Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
Year : 1990
Country : US
Format : C60
Lotso familiar names on this tape. A sound art comp featuring the likes of the BCO, Larry Wendt, Croiners, Al Margolis, and Illusion of Safety. A lot to like here, from the industrial rumblings of Big Red Stain to the silly Plunderphonia of the Tape-Beatles and Ed Special. Wendt's track here in particular is very interesting, an arresting spoken piece describing the lucrative venture of toad farming in San Jose (if anyone has any of his old tapes from Frog Peak/Hollow, let me know). All in all, an interesting experimental collection.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Various Artists - For Proper Stylus Care

Label : Jalopy Grotto - JG006
Country : US
Year : 1996
Format : LP
A little present before Christmas I suppose: a compilation of relatively obscure Portland bands. Just what you wanted under the ol' tree. This is a bit too conventional for my and this blogs taste, but there is some good stuff here. I especially like the tracks by Rollerball and Lords of Howling, both bands I've taken a liking to. There are also some pleasant surprises with the more obscure acts such as Matt Schulte and Stertorous. Another cool factor to this is the previously unreleased Chokebore track "Nylon", good 90s noise rawking. It's worth noting that the last track ends in a locked groove, I left it recording for awhile and just trimmed it. Can't leave it running forever! Another element to the package is the illustrations contained with the zine it came with (Starbage). I may scan those when I have time.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Human Flesh - Life In Reverse

Label : Ladd-Frith

Country : US

Year : ?

Format : C45

Trying something a little different here, giving a voice to this oft voiceless blog here. Alain Neffe is a minimal synth/wave/core/post- musician most popular for his Bene Gesserit and Pseudo Code. Among his other various nicely named projects was Human Flesh. This is a tape of the so-named project of which I own. Released in various incarnations both on the cultural cassette powerhouse that is/was Ladd-Frith and Neffe's own aptly christened Insane Music. Packaged with "Meditation and Fears", it was self-released on tape and later on CDr. This standalone version was also later reissued on Ladd 'n' Frith.
The music itself is quite nice, if you like minimal synthetics like I do.

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