Saturday, December 10, 2016

Human Flesh - Life In Reverse

Label : Ladd-Frith

Country : US

Year : ?

Format : C45

Trying something a little different here, giving a voice to this oft voiceless blog here. Alain Neffe is a minimal synth/wave/core/post- musician most popular for his Bene Gesserit and Pseudo Code. Among his other various nicely named projects was Human Flesh. This is a tape of the so-named project of which I own. Released in various incarnations both on the cultural cassette powerhouse that is/was Ladd-Frith and Neffe's own aptly christened Insane Music. Packaged with "Meditation and Fears", it was self-released on tape and later on CDr. This standalone version was also later reissued on Ladd 'n' Frith.
The music itself is quite nice, if you like minimal synthetics like I do.