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Just going to put some stuff not ripped by myself here...

Cul-De-Sac - The End Of The World And Other Songs Including Hit Single
Yugo-jazz free improv unrelated to the epiphanic post-music band from the US. Comes with some .psd scans and other such treacherous images. 

 Miyаzaki Tаkashi - Astaire
Beautiful, wistful artful popsongs by the singer-songwriter. Brings to mind Van Dyke Parks and YMO or some combo of such at times. Good stuff.
In new and improved FLAC, with some goodies courtesy of Doug!

The Reverend Lester Knox Of Tifton, Georgia - Put Your Face In Gwod: The 366th Revival

Huh? Did I not share this? I did upload this to Youtube, though not in full form unfortunately and unwittingly.

Well, here it is! Warped country ballads and fire n brimstone preacheries for the common man.

A collection of choice tracks from the recently un-famous Latvian synthgruppe. Dedicated to founding member Juris Boiko.

Олександр Юрченко -  Дом Лестниц

A solo tape from one of the musicians on the Ukrainian underground classique "Знаєш як? Розкажи", a little concoction of Caucasian lullabies that has gained quite a stir amongst net music dilettantes and their aberrant adherents.

Where that tape is full of spooky avantgardisms, this 40 minute exercise in "Bard's Boogie" exhibits more folky bluesy acoustics than avantfolk inclination.

K. Yoshimatu - Emerald Eclipse

From the mare's mouth comes this intriguing piece of 80s kassette kulture... From the depths of the everloving breadth of DD. Record's discography comes this artsynth newwave excursion.

Kumio Kurachi - I heard the ground sing

Suck on this one, squarehead--Avant-jazzpop in the Japaneze tradition. I'm very much interested to hear more of what this guy has to offer, so I might just seek it aught.

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