Thursday, April 27, 2017

Zuppa Di Pesce - Cicoria / Zucchinie Trifolate

Label : Enban - PC-2
Year : 2009
Country : Japan
Format : 7 inch

Here's a recent item from my own collection. Itoken is a rather prolific musician in the Japanese vanguard, codifying the sounds of some great groups like Harpy and Win A Sheep Free. This project is not so different from those of his past, keeping the avant-garde inclinations and nostalgic enterprises into children's music, only this time it's aiming for a cuisine-themed concept with a brass sidedish. Enban seems to be an obscure little epicentre of the Japanese style of Avant-pop that has sprung about the turn of the century or so, hosting the aforementioned Itoken and the likes of Jon.

As mentioned above, this is a food centered little slab. The titles of both tracks reference Italian dishes and even includes a nice little Italian excursion which probably talks about the foods if I knew a lick of it (see above). They actually have a CD out with the same concept, if anyone has it and is willing to share I'm all ears.

Monday, April 24, 2017

DJ Ordeal (partial discog)

Everso enigmatic, he is. DJ Ordeal is/what/was an English plunderphonics and collage musician who may or may not also be a disk-jockey. His stuff is usually cut from the cloth of Stock, Hausen, and Walkman and, to a lesser extent, Tipsy. That is, he relies on EZ-listening and Lounge and Light Muzak for his musical voyages. Vocal samples also play somewhat of a prominent role, depending on the wreckord inflicted upon you.

The musics found below this line of breakage was provided to me by the great sonofanastronaut, check him out.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hebephrenic - Brood / On The Side Of Time

Label : Tapehiss Recordings
Year : 1992
Country : US
Format : C90

A recent favorite of mine, Hebephrenic is a rather obscure American EM project that put out various tapes throughout the nineties. After reading about him in Ken B Miller's music review archive, I happened upon one of his tapes in "Hide". I really enjoyed his brand of psychedelic synthpop and ambient not unlike the brand of electronics championed by the Legendary Pink Dots in the 80s. This tape is no different. Just brilliant stuff, unjustly unknown and would make for a great reissue.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fuck Telecorps - Hard On/Off Hearong

Label : Mind Skull - 002
Year : 2011
Country : US
Format : C30

Telecorps in the collective unconscious is an unfamiliar entity to most, even in sub-underground communities such as that of the noise/free improv/sqwak collectives of the internet. A local group relative to me in Pittsburgh, Telecorps (sometimes known as "Fuck Telecorps") is a noize project utilizing whatever they can get a hold of to create a sound like any other noize project. They are probably best known for being featured on the seminal (?) noise compilation Noise War first released by the equally seminal (??) noise terrorism unit Mother Savage Noise Productions.

These days, Telecorps are still at it. This is a tape from RSD 2011 recorded live at the record store it was sold from, Mind Cure Records (now Cruel Noise Records). Mind Cure also operated as a record label, putting out this tape in collaboration with Dear Skull Records (who also pressed another record featured here).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Semicolon - Violent Sneeze & The Neighbor's Pool

Label : Shimmy-Disc - SHIMMY-793
Country : US
Year : 1993
Format : 7 inch

An odd one, this. I've had this for awhile and decided to let this loose to help squelch the creative malaise this blog has been experiencing the past month or so... I'll give it to you guys straight and to the point: it's recorded at the wrong speed. Yep, at about 12 less revolutions taken for what's needed for pain. This is necessary, however, as the original recording is generic folk rock with a female muse, whereas the one presented here is more of a darkfolk interpretation with a bit of a demon's growl.

Also, I haven't been able to fix the buzzing that has become more prominent over the past year, probably a preamp issue, maybe the receiver itself. I won't be able to sort this out til I get new equipment probably.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Various Artists - Power In The House

Label : Post-Ambient Motion - POSTCASS 002
Country : US
Year : 1988
Format : C90

Another one from the decrepit vault. A benefit compilation of sorts against the demolition of a historic district in Omaha which features many a track from a variety of different in artists in sometimes drastically different fields. From the sound sculptures of Reinhold Marxhausen to the synth funk of Ja'Boi, this a great melange of strange mediocrity. I have the cassette version but it didn't come with a tape, so a kind soul came along and gave me the ripped CD version... in 160kbps.

Can't win 'em all, I guess.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Soul-Junk - 1946

Label : Sub Pop - SP 301
Country : US
Year : 1995
Format : 7 inch

Soul-Junk, the slightly less spastic and more theologically inclined Trumans Water, is a project I've heard about for a long while. Now that I've heard them, I'm casually intrigued to say the least. The most interesting part of this particular slab of waveforms are the free jazz sputterings of the interludes, before giving away to more conventional (and to my taste, too "alt rock") songforms. It's a quicky to be sure.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Various Artists - Pure Will, Without The Confusions Of Intellect

Label : Livevil Compact Discs - LMCD-1187
Country : Japan
Year : 1991
Format : CD

This was posted on WFMU and Bleak Bliss before but I think it's still worth hearing again. Great collage by some familiar visages and some not so familiar visages.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tome XX - Natura Morta

Label : Jazz Haus Musik - JHM 32 ST
Country : Germany
Year : 1988
Format : LP

I don't know that much about pure jazz, but this is some pretty good avant-jazz with some free inclinations throughout. The copy I got comes with signatures of all the dudes in the band, so that's a plus. Sorry about the pops and clicks, apparently "mint" means something entirely different when imported, at least according to record stores. This also came with an insert in German all about the band itself so I'll be sure to scan that sometime for you all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - Mechanically Repetitive / ReRecorded Records Record

Label : Dear Skull Records - DS 101
Year : 2008
Country : US
Format : LP

tENT is back at it with the sonic equivalent of 'pataphysics known as "Usic". This complex and abrasive form of sound art utilizes objects, found sound, collages, voice(s) and sneezes. This record covers a swath of years in the dude's career, including a remix of sorts of the Usic - √-1 = A Plethora Of No Longer Neglected Audio/Conceptual Obstacle Courses record (or "obstacle course", as he describes the process) I posted all those days and minutes and hours back.
The concept here is less grandiose, so to speak. Though, this piece of plastic is still an art object. The first side is relatively normal (physically, at least), but the B-side is something else entirely. It appears to have been cut twice, once in the center hole and another time in the slightly off-center so described in the giant booklet which accompanied this thing. I don't have a backup turntable with a needle in its possession and I'd rather not test this on my main unit as I would like to ride that horse 'til it fails. I'll record the second side and post some scans when I come to that burning bridge.

Here (Side 1)
As compensation for only posting one side, here are some other tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE releases for your listening (?) pleasure (??)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Slaw - Snakes & Ladders

Label : The Doubtful Palace
Year : 2002
Country : US
Format : CD

Here's yet another CD(r) that I've yet to put on here... My review on rate your music dot com pretty much sums up my thoughts, so let's cop out:

Some ungodly and aleatoric form of children's schoolyard standards. The concept here is that you have a Chutes and Ladders board in the form of the CD booklet (also comes with dice inside the case itself) and you are supposed to somehow program your CD player to play one of the 99 tracks that corresponds with your roll. For one, I have no idea that would work on a conventional CD player and another thing, I have no idea what kind of person/group would play this thing. I probably listened to this wrong by going all the way through, I definitely enjoy the aesthetic and atmosphere of a lot of the tracks presented. It's just a bit too haphazard for an album. I give it props for using the killer7/NMH/Lain text-to-speech voice for the classic folksong corruption "Ms. Susie".

Best listened with shuffle on.

(Comes with the 100th track straight from their webzone, too bad it's only 128kbps)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

John Rifle - Fracas Nurture

Label : Rabbit Surgeon Musics
Year : 2002
Country : US
Format : CD

Here's another thing I never got around to posting. I got this back in 2013 after reading a so-so review of it in the backissues of the monumental Blastitude webzine. It piqued my interest due to it being plunderphonics and also its strange packaging.

In essence, this goes the Negativland route by criticizing and portraying social issues via samples and such. Here it tackles such issues as violence and media, bringing up the then recent Columbine massacre. That's all fine and dandy, but I don't personally care for this release at all. Heavy handed messages and cheesy keyboards drag this one down, and for the most part a lack of humor, an essential element in my enjoyment of the genre.

Of course, you can (and probably should) take my criticisms for naught, as it's been awhile since I cracked this can open. Aside from listening to a few samples here and there, I don't feel that motivated to, either. Maybe I'm just not giving this its due. You decide, captain.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Dirk (,) Rodney - La Noque Que Durissima

Label : Frog Peak Music
Year : 2001
Country : US
Format : CDr

I've had this for awhile and I either A. forgot to post it or B. thought it didn't fit the mold of the blog. Well, here it is. The mysterious (pre) minimalist Liverpuldian composer put to disc for the first time. 
Purported image of the legendary sound arranger.

It would cool if this were truly the case. However, noted Rodney fan Larry Polansky is the real brains and brawn of this little charade. Don't find out the truth about your heroes, kids. Of course, fake composers are not totally foreign to this blog, see Frank Weghardt (which I need to reupload, great little EP). The amount of effort put into this little song and dance is pretty admirable. Someone (Larry, I presume) went through the trouble of creating whole compositions and even a website in his "honor". There's also a webzine article dedicated to this, if that isn't making it, I don't know what is.
Brought to me and then to you, the listener, by the good people at Frog Peak. They also released "Happily Ever After" by Randy Hostetler, an album near and dear to my hearts and minds, and distributed the Dennis Báthory-Kitsz cassettes I need to reup. Anyway, here it is.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tapes Of Wrath - Recycled

Label : RRRecords / Statutory Tape
Year : n/a
Country : US
Format : C45

Another one of these. This time it's from Tapes Of Wrath, who seem to have been a one-off project from one of RRR's locked groove conceptual pieces. Not much more to say about this 'un, collage noise madness, taped over the greatest hits of Sir Elton John of all people.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Brume - Recycled

Label : RRR / Statutory
Year : 1990
Country : US
Format : C60

French musician Brume has a very wide and expansive discography, mostly falling under the genres of drone, noise, and ambient (frequently overlapping). This recycled tape is no exception. The cassette that was used seems to be an Techno/House/Trance (?) compilation and some parts of it seep through the overdub. I kept these parts for authenticity purposes and for the fact I'm not entirely sure their actually by Brume himself or not.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Various Artists - Downtown NYC

Label : Virgin Records - 1-90950
Country : US
Year : 1988
Format : LP
The 80s music scene in downtown New York brought a lot of great stuff, including the barrage of eponymous Downtown Music projects, No Wave and other noisy cacophonies. Unfortunately, these scenes are not represented very well here, aside from some more obscure inclusions. It starts off with the title track, a very cheesy eighties anthem about living "downtown". So, yeah.

Some gems are to be found here, though. Tracks such as the second by Mark Johnson, who put out a classic Baroque pop private press album in the 70s. Another highlight is the contributions by Timber side project Rude Buddha and the post-No Wave of Ritual Tension. Some other good things to be found are the minimal synthpop of Soma Holiday and avant-folksong of Songs From A Random House. I don't really care for the rest, sadly. You might, though.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Candiru / Fat Hacker - Split

Label : Red Stream Inc. - RSR-0103
Year : 1993
Country : US
Format : 7 inch
I've posted a lot of Industrial musics on this blog, but I've never really divulged in the rock or metallic side of the "genre". Barring some exceptions depending on your definition of Industrial rock/metal, of course. I don't really care for this kind of stuff, preferring the more noisy and abstract sound. This release itself is no real outlier in this calamity. Enjoy, some Harrisburg bred Industrial rawk split with some NY style racket.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Unwanted Christmas Presents - Unwanted Christmas Presents

Label : Electrocution Records - ELE 33007
Country : US
Year : 1993
Format : LP
I dislike unwanted Christmas presents. Obviously these guys did, too. This WV-bred weirdo punk would fit right in the catalog of Siltbreeze if not for the untimely demise of vocalist/howler/barker Keith Dunleavy, who makes his voice heard throughout this racket of eighties coaltown dementia. The screeching of the frontman is backed by the metallic improvisation of guitarist/various object player Joe Nathan (no relation to the reliever I presume). This is mainly composed of fragments strewn throughout the nineteen eighties via live performance and garage 4-track debauchery. 
Exhibit A: this cool poster outlines the whole process of this little compilation, with some nice drawings to boot. This is the stuff I crave, garage-punk noise trash with a little lore behind it.

Note that the first track had some residue and/or a scratch on it, so there are some annoying clicks. Luckily, a better version can be found here, along with some other cool things about this obscure little outfit. Also, an interesting interview with Nathan was in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll awhile back, it can be found on page 88 here.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Jaki Jakizawa - Can You Feel The Juices?

Label : Milvia Son Records - MS006
Country : US
Year : 2011
Format : LP
Gross, or a synonym thereof, is often used when describing this album. It's easy to see why, just look at the greasy mug on the cover and the title of the A-side. Or the goddamned title: it's a very unsettling question. Yes, this album is pretty gross, as in disgusting, grotesque, or any other sense of the word before the co-opting of the term by network dwelling sycophants. But the music itself is not as deplorable as the packaging makes it out to be. The top flip side "Period Blood" would bring to mind some goregrind style juvenilia, but it really is, as Music for Maniacs describes it, "like Giorgio Moroder goes free jazz". The bottom side of the slab is the kicker here: "Eros in Neon". A kraut-synth juggernaught, beautifully developing a simple line throughout it's ~16 minute runtime. Reminds me of lucid produce and such as that.