Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Smegma - The Smell Remains The Same (Singles 90-95)

Label : Anarchymoon Recordings - anok18
Country : US
Year : 2007
Format : LP

What an artist/album title combo, buy on sight stuff right here. Smegma is a passing complexion around these spheres of experimentation, a household noise. I'm not very well heard when it comes to their stuff, being mostly relegated to their compilation contributions. I was quite surprised to hear a somewhat traditional song structure wise when I dropped the needle into its bearings. I was expecting free improv noise from the word go, not psych noise rock. I guess that's why they were singles, obviously destined to be a radio hit.

But really, a lot of great stuff to be heard here, from the aforementioned stylings above, to collage, to industrial and so on. And a bunch of combinations of such.

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