Sunday, November 26, 2017

Various Artists - Hіstory Of K-НIN Bros. Co. 1982-1994

Label : Super Fuji Discs - FJSP222/231
Country : Japan
Year : 2015
Format : CD

Since I am away on a brief vacation without the comfort of my tape player and turntable, I give you something truly sublime. I've held onto this for a little while, first downloaded from a friend on a familiar private tracker. This is a mammoth 11-hour box set chronicling what I consider the epitome of Japanese eccentric pop scene from the silent 80s throughout the roaring 90s.

I believe this came with a book or something of that nature. If you're interested in that, well you're gonna have to pull out the proverbial wallet for that because the download did not come with scans sadly. Though I don't think most reading can decipher runes, I could be wrong as I often am.


  1. Thank you so much! This is awesome. I can't believe nobody has commented. I guess people got so grateful, so much excitement that they forgot to thank. Like I got so much excited that my english has taken a hike. Cheeramundo!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed, it's quite the behemoth. Not often does there exist a release with so much content yet with such consistent and unknown quality.

      Hope you are feeling alright, read some of your previous comments and RYM page with regards to stroke. Terrible thing, it is. Warm wishes.