Sunday, November 5, 2017

Die Welttraumforscher - Die Singende Sternlaterne / Folklore Des Weltalls 1982

Label : A Tree In A Field Records - TREE046 / Planam - PLANAM WTF2
Country : Switzerland / Italy
Year : 2013
Format : LP

Here's a good'un. Someday, I will buy this entity's entire catalogue and share their genius ectoplasmic sonicforms with you all. In due time, of course. Or maybe one of those electro-boutique labels like VOD or Dark Entries or Blackest Ever Black etc. could do that... There's a whole realm of possibilities, though it betrays my own contrarian and pseudosolipsistic sense of "ownership" over it and the gratification of exposing it to the relative "masses". Doesn't matter when the music's this good!

This is both a rerelease and an archival release, the first side being a reissue of a 1983 tape and the flipside being an unreleased 1982 project now trapped in wax for our pleasure. This is all fine and dandy, but I wonder if the A side is an abridged version of said tape, as some tracks seem to fade a bit early and there seems to be a few tracks missing from the original. Even with that in mind, this is still an excellent document that I recommend very much so.

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