Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vale And Year - Holy Music And Art / Field Recordings Vol. 1

Label : n/a
Year : 2004
Country : US
Format : CD(s)
A chance encounter I've found. Browsing the internet leads to strange discoveries at times, and on a fateful minute I found a post from the ancient days of 2013 talking about my blog. It had been posted by David Bernabo, a member of this odd little project. I had previously posted the first album served here back in those days, and I had not realized that I never reposted it after revitalizing this digital warehouse. So here we are.

I got both of these from a local library which supplied many a release from around these parts. Not a lot really sprung an interest from me, but these are exceptions. I want to say I first of this band from the Blastitude webzine, but apparently it was not where I had first encountered them. I think I might have first seen it be perchance on the fallen fakejazz superhighway xerox, though I never got much into that one so who knows. Anywho, this is an interesting admixture of noisy indie rawk with some experimental smatterings across the (maybe a bit unnecessary) 2 disc set. The other album is a collection of free improvs and maybe some field recordings. Maybe. I have not heard these in awhile and just now dug them up from the last remains of my old HDD. So enjoy. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Tsukimoto Tadashi [月本正] - だってもう雨だよ, サンシャインガール (It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl)

Label : きなこたけ - きなこ-101
Year : 1997
Country : Japan
Format : CD
Disquiet night, this. Here's another offering from the strange and apparently illustrated avant-whatever musician Tadashi Tsukimoto. In this episode, he covers those fateful years of 1993-96, this time with a little help from his friends. Compared to the wildly popular post from a little while back, this is a behemoth. And rougher, too.
A comparison I've been forcing upon this album is one of age periods. The relatively piecemeal aki shimmydisc which was replete with small ditties and childish folksong is given way to manic free improv and harsh acoustic works. Now, about the comparison. I have said in the past that this album is one of adolescence to its predecessor's infancy and burgeoning youth. Projection? Yeah. 
It should be noted that I have decided to actually get off my ass and post this album in the split middle of the night, as often I do find my best work to be seen due to the spastic neurons firing and nocturnal motivation. I also just got off watching the first four episodes of the new Debiruman animu, so I have a bit of hypersexual and hyperviolent energy in my veins 'swell.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Die Welttraumforscher - Das Licht Loon

Label : Edition Stora - Storage Secret Sounds 004
Country : Germany
Year : 2000
Format : CD
Another year is shining through the cracks of my curtains, and here I am posting music under the illumination brought upon by firework. For all the flack it has gotten, the observed year of 2017 was a very productive one for me, besting this very establishments two previous years combined in terms of posts. You know, the purpose of this whole enterprise? Anyway, I should probably get to talking about today's attraction.
Now, I've been voicing my pleasure in regards to this very artist for some time. Such a treat his synth treatments are. This particular album is no slouch in comparison to what I've heard in his catalog, though it does focus more on the realm of (synth)pop rather than the more ambient and minimal musings, and that's just fine. Pfluger is a fine songwriter, and oftentimes shines most when at his most "conventional". Beautiful stuff. Might be too late to put this on the Neu Year's playlist, but I hope you all have a good'un.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Napalmed / Mood Nanamenicaca - Split

Label : Napalmed
Country : Czech Republic
Year : 1999
Format : 7 inch

What was a Christmas present to me is a Boxing Day gift to you, the reader. Hope you all have had a jovial holiday, and if not, I hope to at least spread some joy your ways. Here's some stirring sounds provided by Czech noise masters Napalmed and a sideproject of a blog favorite in Hachiman-Mae.

Now, I'm not sure if many of those who come by this blog read my reviews on rate your music, but I'll keep this brief so as to not create a retread of my review of this on there. This split was something of a surprise to me as it played along, shattering my expectations ov it. At first glance, I had thought this would be a coin of different sides in terms of sound: The harsh machinations of Napalmed and the lowfi junkfolk of Hachiman-Mae. But, as you may hear, it deviates quite a bit from my preconceived notions.
For one, the two sides do not present much of a radical difference from one another when it comes to general aesthetic. Two sides of electronic experimentation as it were. Though Napalmed's contributions fall more into the realms of industrial synth and Mood Nanamenicaca's in the ways of glitch collage, the aural arenas are not separated so much as they are in perpendicular realities. If that makes any sense at all.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Smersh - AIP

Label : Albertine Records - ALB 1-12
Country : US
Year : 1989
Format : LP
The Piscataway legends return. Essential New Joisey indie-pain-dance, as you may know. Smersh has been steadily getting more coverage over the past few years it seems, though still not nearly enough. Such a great band with a monstrous sound unmatched by their distorted progenitors. This ee-pee is no slouch in regards to that voracious aesthetic.
This is another wreckord that I've held onto for awhile, mostly because it has been posted in the past on some faraway blog. Now with the links to it being apparently dead, I've decided to post it. This relative quickie parlays the familiar Smersh sound with its harsh, overgained vocals and incessant drumbeats and synthesizers. There's even a sax in the mix somewhere.

Anyway, it seemed worth mentioning I did some post-production on this number. The third track had a scratch near its end and was a bit annoying, so I applied some clickrepair to the wound. Now, instead of being a loud click, it just sounds like I'm lightly tapping the turntable cover.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Various Artists - Tête De Bébé

Label : S-S Records - SS020
Country : US
Year : 2006
Format : LP

S-S is a fine label, with it releasing a ton of good stuff and repackaging just the same. And any-body who appreciates Monoshock is good in my book. This particular release, though, doesn't do much for me, toutefois. It's a foreign sequel to the early Ess Ess joint "Babyhead", composed mostly of synth heavy frog garage punx and occasional exp. spasms.

I've not found myself a fan of more straightforward punk musics, especially contemporary forms. I prefer a bit more of a looser structure I guess, though I can't call this uptight. Maybe my receptors are outta whack.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tsukimoto Tadashi [月本正] - 1983-1985

Label : n/a
Country : Japan
Year : 1987
Format : 7 inch flexi

Probably the sparsest record that's been shown a light on this blog. Each little track comes and goes as the needle crosses borders between grooves, leaving only jilted melodie and lowfi guitar and piano recordings behind.

I said before on a different site recently, this is one for fans of pseudo-children's muzak the likes of Uncle Calvin's Private Life, maybe Dragibus, etc... But this is a much more stripped down version of that kind of stuff, so donut expect some elektrik eccentricism. The influence of nursery chimes is obvious when he himself gives thanks to his childhood on the back cover. Placed above his halcyon days, he also gives thanks to the great D.D. Records, one of the greatest tape labels in Japon's fabled histry.

I believe Tsukimoto appears on the excellent DD comp "Disk Musik", performing a chune not unfamiliar to the stylings posed here. He also appeared on some compilations put out by the also excellent and eclectic Fifth Column label.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Infektionsabteilung - Luzifer's Traum

Label : Narcolepsia - narco070
Country : Portugal
Year : 2015
Format : C30

Here's a more recent tape. Brief dark ambiance for that industrious thrill. Apparently, this is an Italian project. Expect heavy organ and primitive drone. Tiny pinch of noise, too.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sejayno / Maths Balance Volumes - Split

Label : 8mm Records - 8mm 031
Country : Italy
Year : 2008
Format : C44

This one's a bit odd, I feel like I got a bootleg of a bootleg. There is some sort of incongruence between my copy and everywhere else I've looked on the web, biggest glare being the difference in cover and tracklisting. Most places I see it's usually just the bird without a listing under it. Also, I can't find any place that links the "Blade Runner" track title to this release or to anything by Sejayno for that matter. Strange.

Speaking of Sejayno, whose name I always mess up for whatever reason, I have another release of theirs that I might post if I feel... Inclined to do so. You might also be familiar with MBV, but I don't have anything else by them. Though I did have Loveless a long while ago, pretty good album you might have heard of it.

Both groups do a noisy take on freefolk from what I see, Blastitude fodder from what I hear. Another Pierre ambiguity is the track order itself, my tape topside is dominated by Seyjano and the flipside likewise sublimated by Math Balances Volume, which contradicts what the "official" websites say... Odd.

Shrug - Nevil Wanless E.P.

Label : Our Mam's Records - MAM 00001
Country : UK
Year : 1988
Format : LP

I was feeling a bit giddy this weekend and have been making more rips as per usual, so I figured I'd do a special edition: Harmful little Armful. It originally was gonna be a metapost with multiple rips on one post but then a lightning bolt came through the skies and ripped into my head like a thought, "Nutz to that" I say, archaically. Without any further transgression, here's the first approved vinyl rip of the special, twice in a blogtime extra-vagenza.

I was quite fortunate to find this in a Omaha record shop, though not that surprising considering it was one of my favorite stores I have had the pleasure of plunging into. Although when I bought it lacked both a sleeve for the record cover and the record proper, and the cover had an accursed price tag stuck onto its bearings (my feeble attempt of fully removing said sticker without consequence is seen clearly in the top right corner of my scan. Also note the damp 50% isopropyl alcohol stain).

Going back to the music--and really, that's why we're here--I had mentioned I was fortunate to find this, the reason being that I really like these lads' musings. I made a comparison to the incredible Tall Dwarfs of that one island nation, difference being that this clourish originates from that other island nation, the one that once owned that one island nation on some velvet morning. "Shrug", as weathermen do, is an apt name for this kinda music. Totally confounding in an enchanting sense. The organ heavy punk rhythms win me all over.

Expect some more rips later on today and tomorrow, I have some free time left in my body.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Smegma - The Smell Remains The Same (Singles 90-95)

Label : Anarchymoon Recordings - anok18
Country : US
Year : 2007
Format : LP

What an artist/album title combo, buy on sight stuff right here. Smegma is a passing complexion around these spheres of experimentation, a household noise. I'm not very well heard when it comes to their stuff, being mostly relegated to their compilation contributions. I was quite surprised to hear a somewhat traditional song structure wise when I dropped the needle into its bearings. I was expecting free improv noise from the word go, not psych noise rock. I guess that's why they were singles, obviously destined to be a radio hit.

But really, a lot of great stuff to be heard here, from the aforementioned stylings above, to collage, to industrial and so on. And a bunch of combinations of such.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Various Artists - Hіstory Of K-НIN Bros. Co. 1982-1994

Label : Super Fuji Discs - FJSP222/231
Country : Japan
Year : 2015
Format : CD

Since I am away on a brief vacation without the comfort of my tape player and turntable, I give you something truly sublime. I've held onto this for a little while, first downloaded from a friend on a familiar private tracker. This is a mammoth 11-hour box set chronicling what I consider the epitome of Japanese eccentric pop scene from the silent 80s throughout the roaring 90s.

I believe this came with a book or something of that nature. If you're interested in that, well you're gonna have to pull out the proverbial wallet for that because the download did not come with scans sadly. Though I don't think most reading can decipher runes, I could be wrong as I often am.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Various Artists - Cruel Beasts

Label : Maboroshi no Sekai - B...018
Country : Japan
Year : 1994
Format : C45

Something special for your Sunday. I'd like to think this is rare, but for all I know this could be shelf fodder in its homeland. This is an early release on the very cool Maboroshi no Sekai label which produced similar albums of this sonic ilk throughout its continued existence. The sounds presented here are of a diverse type all deriving from that all encompassing "experimental" umbrella. Some tracks branch off from the textures sprouted forth from bands such as the Boredoms and the Ruins, the spectrum of noisy mayhem and technically proficient chaos.

One may recognize some of the names here, with Japanese underground luminaries like Otomo Yoshihide, Koichi Makigami, and Seiichi Yamamoto making an appearance and also one of my favorite groups from that very subterranean artspace, Harpy. In fact, Harpy's percussionist itoken is the one who chose these artists for this tape. You may recognize him from my Zuppa di Pesce posts awhile back, I really respect his work. Some bands included are avant-proggers Soh Band and psych-noisters Children Coup D'Etat, who turn in some impressive performances. A band I don't recognize is Piranezi, jazzy noise rock for busted eardrums. Lots of unheard tracks here, don't miss it.

Lossless, so don't lose out!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Rik Albatros - Abandoned And Left To Die

Label : n/a
Year : 1994
Country : UK
Format : C30

Ripped by OminousMafioso

As prophesied by... well, me. Here is another tape from that venerable pseudonym. This is a strange one, in a different flavor compared to the regular strangeness purveyed around these parts. Discordant low-fi synth pops in adoration of the Mountain Goats. This guy really seems to enjoy the music of Mr. Darnielle, and is an infamous and famous figure in the following of that fine musical project.

No longer abandoned and left to die, now exhumed and left to fester on the internet!  

Hebephrenic - Hide

Label : Tapehiss Recordings
Year : 1999
Country : US
Format : C90

While I'm not wont to post rips from those other than me on the main page, rather regimenting them to the neglected and spider webbed stray links section, I've felt compelled to share this masterpiece of lofi EM. I've been praising this thing since discovering it by chance after reading of it in an old webzine review section and somehow finding it on slsk. It was uploaded by someone by the name of drij. I hope it doesn't bother them much. 

An intrepid reader may notice I've posted this author before, and they would be right. Back in the cruelest month, I posted an earlier tape by Hebephrenic, I personally think this tape is even better than that one. Enjoie.

I'll probably post another Mafioso tape tonite or tomorrow if I get lazy about it. Peeled eyes get the prize, and other self-invented idioms.