Saturday, May 12, 2018

Olliwor - To Many Heroes

Label : Das Moniflabel - PP015
Year : 1988
Country : Switzerland
Format : C60
Or is it "OILiwoЯ"? Think Chris Knox further augmented by the Residents and label honcho 
Die Welttraumforscher, and at times antecedent to the utterly unique Svede mrperfect.
Another treat from the welt of Loon:
a previous mystery to me in the Moniflabel catalog, I had only so much information provided to me about the who's and what's of this project; Olliwor Fried is the token.
On this tape, the singularly named Olliwor
plays the browns as it were, a focus on
lowfi pop and the odd interlude
of dreamtime.
My comparisons above were rather immediate connections.
     Very Tall Dwarfs, in an affected English that is. The best parts of this exercise is the bent melodies mixed with
       the discordant synths and fuzzed out geetars. It is rather different from the usual Forscher affair but also very much hereditary, especially based on what I have heard from the early days of the label.

I'm going to continuously seek out as much as I can from Das Moniflabel 
With that, enjoie.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Ornament & Crime Arkhestra - Live At The III. ITIM Festival

Label : Amf-Music - amf 1035
Country : Germany
Year : 1994
Format : CD
Ripped by Scramoutcha

I don't think this has anything to do with Sun Ra, but it is apparently an Arkhestra. A point of departure of sorts from Alain Neffe, or maybe not. I associate their music with the kind that pulsates electronically through synthetic means, this is a bit more of a jazzy and organic palpitation. Very folk too, though avant in its intentions. Still peppered with industrial backings, so this alien muse is not too alien.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

X-Ray Eyes - X-Ray Eyes

Label : Megaphone Limited - 007
Country : US
Year : 1994
Format : CD
Ripped by Scramoutcha

Another bountiful feast from my friend over the information superhighway. This has been on my radar for a little while and I've finally got a blip. Those familiar with Megaphone Limited will have a good bit to like here, and some recognizables as well. Improvisational folk and pop melodies crash discordantly with its jazz and atonal origins. Jason Willett and Caroline Kraabel ring a bell? This album certainly is rrrringing hoooo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Schwarzwurz / Harald "Sack" Ziegler - Zugabäh! / Helau?

Label : Senseless Gebollah - SG ! #14
Country : Germany
Year : 1993
Format : C60
Back to our regularly scheduled programme, as abnormally placated it is. I got this tape from the honcho of the immortal Ebus tape conglomerate on Discogs recently, and it certainly is a strange beast. The A-side is composed of live performances from a band/duo/project/experiment called Schwarzwurz. Prior to this I had no exposure to them and on first glance, they are pretty damn wild. Noise-industrial improv, "Fuck You" kind of music.

Now the B-side is from a figure that I have a much greater familiarity with. Harald "Sack" Ziegler has been putting out warped pop for years, and with a live backing it becomes even rougher.
Just the two sides ripped, pristine and without any bells and whistles in the post-processing and splitting processes. Since the tracks are quite hard to discern from one another due to the quality and nature of live performance and my ignorance of most of the content, I hope it's acceptable.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Marica - 海Jellyfish月

Label : Invitation - CDR-1465
Country : Japan
Year : 1987
Format : CD
Crossarmed and pangless.
Truth be told, I was juggling the notion of whether I should post this here or on my "sister blog", given that this is a bit too poppy for the content here and not quite the "Avant-garde Jazz, Leftfield, Post-Punk" posited by Discogs; truly the treachery of labels there.
Truth be told a second time, this isn't an avantpop romp, but a solid slice of 80s Japanese new-wave. We in the industry (note: not industrial) throw these kinda releases under the nebulous umbrella of "Art Pop". Not quite Kate Bush, but I never listened to her anyway.

So, why wait? Immerse yourself in synthpop goodness... the kids on-line are always impressed by obscure Japanese albums.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Die Welttraumforscher - Ein Sommer In Der Wirklichkeit

Label : Das Moniflabel - PP026
Country : Switzerland
Year : 1991
Format : LP
Ripped by Scramoutcha

Friends are becoming easier to come by, another guest rip. Via the slsk chat service I have been in correspondence with this fine fellow for the past few weeks, and we have reciprocated gifts with each other ever since. I've mentioned Die Welttraumforscher before in a post from the side gig called "Loon", where I briefly laid out my various admirations for the protjection.
Released in the early 90s on his own imprint, Christian (Pfluger) lays out rumsey in the feeling that lingers, to butcher a Bodycocktail tape title. Whimsical, great word. A cheatcode in description, a word which can describe (as descriptions ought) a myriad of ecstatic feeling without giving too much in the way of actual thought. Anyway, it is whimsical. On a whim, I can imagine, 'ol Weltschmerz cut this piece of plastic in a matter of a few afternoons. The synth melodies are pretty as ever, the minimalisms of which compound and impress upon the remote listener an appropriately dreamlike quality.
My supplier compared it to the latter nineties group Broadcast--"Tender Buttons" in specification--which I can definitely hear though very much stripped down and lowfidelity. Yes, yes, yes; less Romandie Stereolab and more... Well Swiss Die Welttraumforscher. Not much like it, doesn't take a world of dream researchers to find that out.

Comes with both the original rip and the declicked version, use either or both at your convenience.
(also, it's FLAC)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

ひうがなつ [Hiuganatsu] - 日向夏

Label : Club Lunatica - CL-009
Country : Japan
Year : 2000
Format : CD
So this disc finally came in, after about 2 months worth of travelling over the open seas and across the new frontier I present it you. That's what I get for cheaping out with Surface shipping. See the cover there? That's what the album sounds like: a summer afternoon tinted yellow with the diffusion of sunbeams. The low hanging cloud localised inside the corridor also fits, somehow.
It feels as if this unique scene of Japanese music is always producing surprises, a lot of good stuff here. Accordion heavy, which is always good, and with an immature light. Based on that description alone I've heard this album dozens of times before, and yet it is unique. I am not so sure if this is a scene like I said offhand before or if it is just a coincidental mishmash of likeminded musicians operating at the same time and working with the same tuneful clay. Or maybe that's just what a scene actually is.

I appreciate that they were so kind as to include an English translation of the lyrics, just a nice little touch. Though this is certainly more Francophone than Anglo given the credence towards such musicians as France Gall and Klimperei.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Carlos Alonso - Fragil Ironia

Label : La Sonrisa de Luz / Ediciones Efímeras - Cass. 0010
Year : 1997
Country : Argentina
Format : C30
 Spasmodic & sporadic. Carlos Alonso is a true Patagonian muzikal treasure, having helmed the obscuro experimental group Uno X Uno which may as well have been credited here. Some of the more adventurous reading may be familiar with his escapades via the classic 433rpm blog, where I'm almost halfheartedly certain a tape of their's was presented back in the day.

The music, as I had mentioned, is similar to what I've heard from double Uno. Minimal industrial beatz flirting with free improv and avantrock insanity/inanity. The rip seems a bit fuzzy, I'm not sure if that's the tape itself or the deck, but I'm leaning more towards the source because I'm lazy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Various Artists - Seventh Sign

Label : Tapehiss Recordings / Greyslade Music
Year : 1999
Country : US
Format : C30
Apocalyptic hyponagogia
Hebephrenic and frens make some likeminded sounds; Cumulative synthpop with a psycho-delic flair, not unlike other releases from this particular tape label.
As I have mentioned fervently regarding this project before, the influence of the Legendary Pink Dots is very pervasive. It even comes with a bit naff vocals that somehow fit the swirling synthscapes surrounding them.

 If anyone has any other releases from this project, I would love to get my hands on them. By download or by purchase, I don't really mind either way. I just hope you guys enjoy it.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

El-Ron - Are Dangdut Kings

Label : Records - R 3
Country : US
Year : 1997
Country : US
I don't know what Dangdut is or what royalty that pertains to, or whether or not the band's name is a pastiche of some SF author, but this is good stuff. On my RYM review I compared to the sound presented here to Liquorball, Monoshock, Crawlspace, Fuzzhead, so on and so forth. So, if you like psych noise jam with a dash of krautsploitation, have at this. 
What do I mean by "Krautsploitation"? Well, it's a takeoff from the first track off a LP by a sideproject of some of the above bands called Sternklang. I like the feel of it, and describes this pretty well: taking after der Fatherland's ancestral motorik klangs. Though this a bit more noisier than usual.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Only A Mother - Dusty Nuggets

Label : Apparèmment Des Notes
Year : 2014
Country : Italy
Format : CDr
I think that if I had the connections and the savoir faire required of musicmaking Only A Mother would be a sound I would aspire to. Herkyjerky jazz spasms interspersed with country folkisms led to a lot of great music from Pahl and co. Along with his solo career, Frank makes some darned good musics.
Now what we have here is a collection of unreleased recordings. As musicians are wont to do after awhile, releasing archival tidbits from here or there into a neat little package. How it got all the way to Italy is anyone's guess. As the man hisself described in the modicum of a liner sheet, it could have been a box set or something of that nature due to the surprising amount of outtakes. I wouldn't hesitate to throw my dollars down on that.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Michael Vlatkovich & Charles Britt - Transvalue Book I

Label : Thankyou Records - MV-004
Year : 1985
Country : US
Format : LP
Eventful night. The wind was howling and the moon looked right evil, full and peering thru the cloud cover. I was going to wrap up scanning this elpee when I was interjected by the clamors of my domains detritae cluttering about our road. So, I went out and collected as best as I can. To tell the truth, it was a joy. I felt so exuberant; the whole situation felt like an event. The aforementioned lune and the hard blows of the elements only added to it. To peer inside my brain, I was inspired to create. I always keep ideas running in my imagination, compositing what I hold dear to my neurotics. It may come to a surprise, but I would love to make a game. I have so many things in mind, and that's what I meant as an "event", like a scripted one or some emergent thing of those vestiges. It's lovely, in my youth I do feel like it. 
In a brief "review", if one can call it so, I wrote "I'd like to think this is what would result if Zoogz [Rift] went full on gonzo jazz with some decadent poetry of the beat persuasion.". I stand by that short as it may be. Though to expand I'd also like to mention the many moving parts at play here. Tons of interesting ideas in this collaboration recurrent through the christened "transvalue" moniker. At points it takes a third stream approach, another a more rockjazz undercurrent, and a healthy helping of exp. bigband to really draw me in.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Modernairs - Bend

Label : Illuminated Records - ILL 812
Country : UK
Year : 1982
Format : LP
In short succession, another post. For once, I'd like to avoid a metanarrative in what should be a humble download page. But I want to illustrate this to satiate a feeling in my tangled neurons. I got this record (along with another LP which I will share later on) at a local fixture in Jerry's Records. The name emblazoned on the sign holds little more than sentimental value and a legacy function, given that the original Jerry has recently handed off the musty and beautiful little shop to new management. Still essentially the same place, however.

Back to what I was getting at: the act of finding what I'm looking for is a much bigger challenge nowadays than it had been then. The last post contains a tape zine which I had found in a crop of several other suitors for my ultimate purchase that given day. Most of said suitors had belonged to a one Paul Morrison, a man who had amassed a gigantic collection of records and tapes of any kind of persuasion, a good amount of which were experimental/avantgarde/whathaveyou... I think I dried up that well given that most of what can be found on this blog especially in the earlier days can be sourced back to good 'ol Jerry's. Now, in the world as it is today, finding a record which I can find some sort of enjoyment out of is a whole different ballgame. Sorting through album after album, taking a few to the designated listening stations, and finally shelling out the green to bring home a few soundforms is the name of the game. It is never a sure thing, which I do enjoy though it can be exhausting. There is a large volume of unknown stuffs on those packed shelves between the Wham! and Aerosmith surplus; the main issue is whether or not I will hit on some good stuff or end up with some generic, abhorrent stuff that was forgotten for a reason.
Betraying my succeeding line at the beginning, I must take heed to the fact that I had written a ton of stuff without having paid even an iota of attention to the music presented here. And I said this was "humble"download page. Anywho, this isn't what I described on the second half of that last line there. There is stuff to like here... Though the whole time I had spent listening I couldn't help but try to conjure up musical comparisons. I saw a review of their sole album liken them to Ludus, which isn't too inaccurate given the jazz instrumentation and postpunk spirit. No female vocalist, though. Maybe a less crazy James Chance? Jazzified Police? I dunno. A bit too neu-wavey at times to me. Still, jazzy postpunk is always welcome dans la maison.