Sunday, December 31, 2017

Die Welttraumforscher - Das Licht Loon

Label : Edition Stora - Storage Secret Sounds 004
Country : Germany
Year : 2000
Format : CD
Another year is shining through the cracks of my curtains, and here I am posting music under the illumination brought upon by firework. For all the flack it has gotten, the observed year of 2017 was a very productive one for me, besting this very establishments two previous years combined in terms of posts. You know, the purpose of this whole enterprise? Anyway, I should probably get to talking about today's attraction.
Now, I've been voicing my pleasure in regards to this very artist for some time. Such a treat his synth treatments are. This particular album is no slouch in comparison to what I've heard in his catalog, though it does focus more on the realm of (synth)pop rather than the more ambient and minimal musings, and that's just fine. Pfluger is a fine songwriter, and oftentimes shines most when at his most "conventional". Beautiful stuff. Might be too late to put this on the Neu Year's playlist, but I hope you all have a good'un.


  1. thank you! did you see there's a cassette out recently?!/tape/die-lieder-1981-1983-1986/

    1. Yes I did, in fact, I bought it as soon as I could! Great stuff.