Friday, January 5, 2018

Tsukimoto Tadashi [月本正] - だってもう雨だよ, サンシャインガール (It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl)

Label : きなこたけ - きなこ-101
Year : 1997
Country : Japan
Format : CD
Disquiet night, this. Here's another offering from the strange and apparently illustrated avant-whatever musician Tadashi Tsukimoto. In this episode, he covers those fateful years of 1993-96, this time with a little help from his friends. Compared to the wildly popular post from a little while back, this is a behemoth. And rougher, too.
A comparison I've been forcing upon this album is one of age periods. The relatively piecemeal aki shimmydisc which was replete with small ditties and childish folksong is given way to manic free improv and harsh acoustic works. Now, about the comparison. I have said in the past that this album is one of adolescence to its predecessor's infancy and burgeoning youth. Projection? Yeah. 
It should be noted that I have decided to actually get off my ass and post this album in the split middle of the night, as often I do find my best work to be seen due to the spastic neurons firing and nocturnal motivation. I also just got off watching the first four episodes of the new Debiruman animu, so I have a bit of hypersexual and hyperviolent energy in my veins 'swell.


  1. so amazing to see you posting this stuff. thank you so much!

  2. I can't understand the language, and I suddenly realized that means I really don't know if he's a, well, an outsider artist or something. But I burst out laughing several times, and not at him, but with him (I think). At any rate, I enjoy this.