Friday, December 22, 2017

Smersh - AIP

Label : Albertine Records - ALB 1-12
Country : US
Year : 1989
Format : LP
The Piscataway legends return. Essential New Joisey indie-pain-dance, as you may know. Smersh has been steadily getting more coverage over the past few years it seems, though still not nearly enough. Such a great band with a monstrous sound unmatched by their distorted progenitors. This ee-pee is no slouch in regards to that voracious aesthetic.
This is another wreckord that I've held onto for awhile, mostly because it has been posted in the past on some faraway blog. Now with the links to it being apparently dead, I've decided to post it. This relative quickie parlays the familiar Smersh sound with its harsh, overgained vocals and incessant drumbeats and synthesizers. There's even a sax in the mix somewhere.

Anyway, it seemed worth mentioning I did some post-production on this number. The third track had a scratch near its end and was a bit annoying, so I applied some clickrepair to the wound. Now, instead of being a loud click, it just sounds like I'm lightly tapping the turntable cover.

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