Monday, August 28, 2017

Blender Blender 2x4 - The Clownward Spiral

Never to be expected, a smattering of DIY ethics coming your way!

Now, Blender Blender 2x4 (or BB2x4, or BB2X4, etc.) is was/not/was a project by Poughkeepsie native K.D. Schmitz. It is a project I've heard about for quite awhile and I finally got my hands on a rip through the kind hands of Tony Coulter, who on every fortweek hosts the great show called "Tape Hiss" on WFMU. Basically, he plays obscure tapestries from various eras and of sometimes dubious origin all the way through. As consequence, the shows are not archived unfortunately to those who can't always make the grade at midday to listen in. But, Tony was gracious enough to send this particular rip over. Gotta luvvvvv it.

The tape consists of what I always assumed this particular mutations sound would pertain to: collages and intermittent noize, sometimes combined. A little uva twist here, some radioplay and the spoken word has entered the pregnable soundform. Gives it a little spice, I'd say. Something to do with clowns.

Note that the album cover isn't so much of a scan as it is a cropped photograph blown up by waifu2x, so it looks a bit wonky. Also, the files are not split, but tracklisting can be found here.

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