Friday, August 25, 2017

Hachiman Mae - 八幡前その弐 (Hachiman Mae 2)

Label : n/a
Country : Japan
Year : n/a
Format : C60

Here we are again, the start of the end. The start of the end of Hachiman-Mae's extant tapography (at least to my knowledge). Their sound hasn't changed much from the last tape: noisy folk mannerisms in a lofi environment, short and harshly sweet in its brevitous use of a 60 minute cassettes A side. 
As one can surmise from the imagery brought forth by me, the packaging is much more ambitious compared to the last soiree. More colourful, decorated, and a bitch to scan. A fold out enclosure held together by a golden string holds within another enclosure whose space is occupied by the emerging soundform contained within yet another enclosure, this being the cartridge.

I got this rarity off Discogs dot com from the man behind NAPALMED, a Czech noise projection which collaborated with these guys through split releases, comp appearances back in those near old times. He tells me that he hasn't spoken with members of the group for quite awhile, and that Hosomi didn't have email. Well, there goes my plan of any sort of reissue/retrospective that would shake the modern world to its post-ironic core.

(In 24bit/96khz FLAC! Hear the hissy detail!)

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