Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pineal Ventana - Stagnancy Is Revolting

Label : PV Records - PV1
Country : US
Year : 1993
Format : 7 inch
Perhaps out of character, have a post-HC record. Saved by its noisy demeanor, however. I may be losing my edge, I almost bought a minimal techno record and very well may have posted it here had I done it (it was rather good, though. Probably should have picked it up). A digression, as they call it, but I appeal to it here.

 Back to the little slab o' vinilo presented, just some scorching noise-industrial sized punx for the discernible of disturbances. A track that it isn't listed actually persists here, which I have made the distinction of in the rip, just for you. There's some nice vinyl messabouts to change it up from the average noisepunck charade, whether its physical or aural I don't really know.

(note to the self, get Photoshop or something to help me stitch manually in a coherent fashion)

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