Thursday, August 17, 2017

C.O.Y.C.A.M.I.I.K. - 0 = ∞ / Yü / Enthusiasm

A phantom post! Spectre of the night, time slipping into the dark recesses of, well, the night. Hard to tell sometimes. Here's a peculiar post for a peculiar time: a double feature for the bootleg platinum screen that is this blog. From one arbiter of illegal downloads to another, two ridiculously obscure tapes from one strange outfit from Philly-Delphi. I got this off a certain Russian torrent protocol, very slowly did it finally reach me. So I figured I'd cut out the front man and put the middle man in the spotlite, DDL is always there for you!

Anyway, this is pretty much a strange concoction of midi-classical compositions with some elements of noise, collage, industrial, and other such vapid, invented derivances (Is it "derivences"? Such variance). Kind of cheesy, but kind of cool, too. That's how I like it, most of the time at least. It's getting late so I'll cut to the chase and leave this pseudo-gonzostreamo to my slumber.


  1. This is great stuff. Anymore info about this project, mayhaps?

    1. Sadly no. I found this by chance on Rutracker with little other information provided.

      Here's a link if you want to see: