Friday, July 28, 2017

Fiendish Fib - Down In The Mine

Label : Treue Um Treue - TUT017
Year : 2011
Country : Germany
Format : LP

Since I am rather ripped and tired at the moment, I'll just leave a littla summary from another site I wrote:
Dedicated to a dead Yamaha PSS 360, presumably killed in action during the years of sessions presented here. Minimal synthetics from the era or so after the genre's retroactive creation. The slab of clear pink pseudomarble plastic runs an atypical gamut of synthpop and punk to experimental collage to minimalist experimentation, mostly in French.
Yeah, that about settles it. Anyway, I did a little double feature for this one. One download contains the original rip, and the other holds a treated copy with ClickRepair. I personally feel that CR messed with some of the synthtones, but what do I know, no? Also, they're both in FLAC, for the audiofiles out there.

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