Sunday, July 16, 2017

Zuppa Di Pesce - Colazione

Label : Compare Notes - CN-0010
Country : Japan
Year : 2006
Format: CD

Strange tidings from a different sea. Changes of eye/ear level abound in this circus cavalcade of fine dining (Italian) errors. Itoken is a guy who has been involved in a lot of music of which I quite enjoy, whether in the phenomenal Harpy or the beautiful musings of Win A Sheep Free (Both of these bands along with Itoken's solo works appear in the soundtrack of Mecha game Phantom Crash, oddly enough) and with Toshokan, which may come soon on this very blog.

Listening to Itoken's music, one can place his sound down pretty well. Using toy instruments, especially percussive ones, to create unique avantpop pieces, not unlike fellow toypopper Klimperei. Zuppa di Pesce is slightly different, however, as shown by the previous post showcasing this wondrous group. The sound here goes for more of a synthetic brass-band sonic injection, as opposed to the sparse arrangements found on his other projects. Still great, though. Those illustrations alone are worth the price of admission.

Can't believe I forgot to mkrasna for sending me this exquisite amalgamation, but that he did.

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