Sunday, July 23, 2017

Paraquat - Mir

Label : Recycled Carbon Recordings - RCR 23
Country : US
Year : n/a
Format : LP

This was a hard one to track down, apparently there have been quite a few groups/projects/duos/trios/quintets to christen themselves/f as either Mir or Paraquat. It took some intrepid archive trawling to find that this is the solo project of a member of the (equally hard to find) band Churn, Bil (sic?) Hooper. According to the label attached to the sleeve and seen above for your convenience, this is a part of an ambitious series of records that I and most of the internet have never heard of. In fact, it's so obscure, that the sharpied in description on the dust  cover thought it was German due to the deutschemarks on the glued printerpaper on frontispiece.

Anyway, this is best boiled down to being some kind of post-rock experimentation in collage, field recording, and droning ambiance. Although, that just sounds like any other post-rock album from the late 90s and early oughts. Oh well.

It should be noted that this is just a single sided record, so I just posted the .mp3.