Monday, July 10, 2017

Dino Martini - Ferien

Label : WSDP - WSDP 102
Year : 2005
Country : Germany
Format : LP

Come and see the oft-not-witnessed phi-phenomenom known as the EP Comp. A small collection of treats for the listener to sink their aural rotten yellows into, in and then out in a matter of seconds. Even if I don't understand the lyrics, I know good musics when I hear them, a musikal language all on its own.

Spastic synths and nice melodies permeate this petit mort of a wreckord, recommended for anyone who enjoys the arrangement of cacophony.


  1. thank you! more WSDP please! this is so good.

    1. If I find another record/tape/cd/8track from them I'll definitely be sure to post it for all to see