Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Loon - Lamb

Label : Loon Records - LP033
Country : Switzerland
Year : 1997
Format : LP

Loon--or Christian Pfluger, or Die Welttraumforscher-- is a project involving synthesizers as it were. A nondescript packaging containing mellow scapes of newage and a sprinkle of minimal EM. I've fallen a bit in love with this guys musics over the past span of time since time memorial 2017, but the sum of those lovely parts aren't exactly present here. Gone are the infectious, jilted melodies and avant-popisms and in comes a more laid back feel.

Still enjoyable, though. The more stuff by this I have the merrier, so to speak. Been awhile since I have encountered an artist whose work I search out for with glee and inconspicuous fervence.


  1. thank you for posting this, i love Die Welttraumforscher and have always wanted to hear Loon.

    someone along similar lines, who i'd love to hear more of, is Master's Cosmic Music - do you know them?

    1. Always welcome! Yeah, Die Welttraumforscher is a great, great musical project. This record is no exception, just a different flavor. Definitely worth the purchase.

      I'm not familiar with Master's Cosmic Music, but now that I have heard a sample, I'm also interested to hear more!