Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mox - Guldkorn

Label : Börft Records - Börft034
Year : 1990
Country : Sweden
Format : C90

Quite the place, Sweden is. As good a place as any for such musics to be produced for all t' hear. Börft, for the uninitiated, is a rather prolific and often excellent Swedish tape label, or just regular label seeing as they have released in quite a few formats. Digressing from the digression, this is great stuff, cut from the cloth of one of the most glorious groups to emerge from the musical prime-ordeal stew that is 80s cassette culture in its xerographic zeal: SMERSH.

 What I mean by this is that this is some hardhitting, minimal synth pop with a little flavor of industrial/punk chic. The synthlines and drum beats are nice. Recommended, if anyone has more of their stuff, I would love to take it from you, preferably without payment.

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