Sunday, May 21, 2017

Re-upload Round-Up au Go Go

Here we go again...
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz - Dentist's Nightmare / The Nightmare Continues

Avant-classical and operettes and such for the masses. The original rip of the Dentist's Nightmare had terrible wow and flutter, also compounded by the fact it was ripped from a shithouse all-in-one plastic stereo. For whatever reason, the cues wouldn't cooperate with me on Nightmare Continues, so I just stuck with Side A and B.

Dentist's Nightmare
The Nightmare Continues

Schüler der Sekundarschule Laupen - Popmusik in der Schule
Some of the greatest proto-minimal folkwave performed by Swiss schoolchildren in the 70s I have ever laid my ears on.

I've said my piece of this recording on my other blog, if you care that much about what I think.

Imaginary musik for imaginary people. One of my favorite record shop finds in my short span of life, a little piece avant-garde folk and organ pop for the ages. There is an article or two detailing the story behind this, albeit in German. 


Cirkus Gilmour - Tre Natta
Speaking of record store uncoverings, this is also another favorite find of mine. More avant-folk for your senses, a lot of vocal whining and the bellows of an accordion. Beautiful stuff, this Norwegian 7'.