Saturday, October 28, 2017

Various Artists - Cassette Revolution Vol. 1

Label : Narisu Records - CSRN-2501
Country : Japan
Year : 2014
Format : C50
I forgot to post this one, after all the relative trouble I had to go through to get it. Truthfully speaking, I posted this before on a behind-closed-doors kind of site while neglecting my own pet project. I had forgotten my roots, how shameful of me. Anyway, it's here and I can't complain, I need to keep this place's blood flowing.
This is a bit of an odd tape to post here, as its experimentalisms are more latent compared to most other posts here. Dissonance comes and goes, sometimes in favor of a more JPop approach... But there are some (un)hits here, cool stuff all around. I wonder if the Japanese are going to pick up more on the recent kassette kultur revivalism that's been going around the past few years, at least that's what the indie tabloids say. Not like people haven't been putting out tapes consistently since the CD tried to stifle it.

Since I'm a such a generous host, I've scanned and even tried my hand at cleaning the mini-manga (an omake to the cassette, if you will) that came with it. No TL, though. Even though it looks like basic stuff, I can't really read it. Maybe a scanlation group will pick it up and get in tussles with other factions over it.

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