Thursday, October 12, 2017

RE: uploads - 10'' mix (instrumental).mp3.opus.exe

Tomorrow, it could be you.

Proof of Utah - A Dog, A Dodo & A Fool

This is a band which deserves a CD retrospective some velvet morning or another diamond day. Truly great avantpop/punk/prog, in true meaning and not buzz seance. I'd like to give a shoutout to slsk user Resonance for this rip, appeasing my laziness and providing you the listener with an actual quality rip. 24bit/FLAC for your eardrums.
Fear what you may, here.

By popular request, a true noise-burgh klassic... And it wasn't even released on SSS! True tribal industrial and noisy EM ambient is the name of the game here, with a reference to a sociopolitical concept in the title to boot. Looking for this album through Grae.Com, or rather Google, it surprised to find I was not included in the search results til I applied some boolean tricks to the query. Maybe I really am shadowbanned from the masses.


Another for the all request live crowd. I was never big on this one, sounds too much like an expy of Illusion Of Safety in its ephemeral pseudophilopolitical collage. It's a bit short, too. The organ piece is cool, though.

Jamie Fielding - Extinkt

Here's some shit no one asked for. Yes, some quality is produced from the penal colony. Sounds reminiscent of such a ghastly environment, Oz industry and noise improv. Really, I have no idea what I'm expounding upon. So, not much else to say but...

And yet more unrequited selflessness, aren't y' lucky?

The other RRR Cdr I had posted on this place had some nasty disc rot when I bought it, and probably has gotten even worse since then so I don't know if that will rip properly... This one did, however. So, have at it. Just a side note, this came with some cool collages that I'm not sure I ever scanned so keep your eyes peeled as I may eventually get around to doing just that.

The Lucky Garage (carnival folklore) Resurrection

"Doubtful" is a word which elicits much skepticism in my mind as to what I would describe myself, but I am doubtful that any of those reading would be considered first time callers and long time (read)steners. If there are, I'm not sure how that is possible but here we are. What I'm getting at is that the Lucky Garage Recording Company has played somewhat of a prominent role in the growth of this enclave of obscuro detritae, being one of the more prevalent labels I have posted on said clave. 

This is mostly due to the fact that the local record shop had an abundance of their 7 inches in store before I depleted most of the quality(?) to be found there. I find that this little label is an essence of the americana of the indie-pain-dent label... Totally interesting stuff.

Anyway, I'm just going to repost some dead links to said 7 inches, except the Perkis one which I covered either the last or first roundup, s'all a blur.

To keep from crying, I put em all in one convenient, one stop compressed file...

An astute observer may notice an unfamiliar cover, and they would be right. I never uploaded the Ken Ardley Playboys record, because I saw that one of the sides or two was already uploaded to Youtube. Why did I upload it now? Because I was actually motivated today. Inspiring.

Keep in mind these are all new rips. Also, excluding the Proof of Utah record, they were made by me. I gotta new cord today because the old one frayed and frittered away... Enjoy.

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