Monday, October 16, 2017


Label : Awesome Vistas - AV-08
Country : US
Year : 2009
Format : LP
It's a real shame I can't really give cool anecdotes on these interesting recordings I find and post here, like all those other respectable illegal filesharing joints. Most of the time, I just find wreckords at a local shop and take em home with little in the way of an obstacle. Quite boring. Maybe I should start writing fictitious proseworks to spice things up. Anyway, what IS this? IS is IS, an improvisational grouping centering around Chris Johanson and his merry group of friends, as seen in this insert:
 A bit voyeuristic, an email conversation between the culprits of this work of freefolk ambiance. As I had found later, some of these cats are pretty big luminaries in the once big(?) free impro-folk scene, lotsa Jackie-O Mothereffer alumni. It's nice, an exercise in a now seemingly bygone style in two sides which probably made for a good soundtrack for the exhibition it was created for. Now that I am thinking for the first time in awhile, I never really thought to check which side is which as this information is obfuscated by the fact that each side is marked by a colored label instead of the traditional text laden generic... I suppose it doesn't matter, unless someone is very serious about the archival of late oughts indie-pain-dance in plasticity.

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