Saturday, February 18, 2017

Slaw - Snakes & Ladders

Label : The Doubtful Palace
Year : 2002
Country : US
Format : CD

Here's yet another CD(r) that I've yet to put on here... My review on rate your music dot com pretty much sums up my thoughts, so let's cop out:

Some ungodly and aleatoric form of children's schoolyard standards. The concept here is that you have a Chutes and Ladders board in the form of the CD booklet (also comes with dice inside the case itself) and you are supposed to somehow program your CD player to play one of the 99 tracks that corresponds with your roll. For one, I have no idea that would work on a conventional CD player and another thing, I have no idea what kind of person/group would play this thing. I probably listened to this wrong by going all the way through, I definitely enjoy the aesthetic and atmosphere of a lot of the tracks presented. It's just a bit too haphazard for an album. I give it props for using the killer7/NMH/Lain text-to-speech voice for the classic folksong corruption "Ms. Susie".

Best listened with shuffle on.

(Comes with the 100th track straight from their webzone, too bad it's only 128kbps)

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