Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Unwanted Christmas Presents - Unwanted Christmas Presents

Label : Electrocution Records - ELE 33007
Country : US
Year : 1993
Format : LP
I dislike unwanted Christmas presents. Obviously these guys did, too. This WV-bred weirdo punk would fit right in the catalog of Siltbreeze if not for the untimely demise of vocalist/howler/barker Keith Dunleavy, who makes his voice heard throughout this racket of eighties coaltown dementia. The screeching of the frontman is backed by the metallic improvisation of guitarist/various object player Joe Nathan (no relation to the reliever I presume). This is mainly composed of fragments strewn throughout the nineteen eighties via live performance and garage 4-track debauchery. 
Exhibit A: this cool poster outlines the whole process of this little compilation, with some nice drawings to boot. This is the stuff I crave, garage-punk noise trash with a little lore behind it.

Note that the first track had some residue and/or a scratch on it, so there are some annoying clicks. Luckily, a better version can be found here, along with some other cool things about this obscure little outfit. Also, an interesting interview with Nathan was in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll awhile back, it can be found on page 88 here.