Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Re-upload Round-up #?

Big City Orchestra - Carnival of Monsters
Seeing as this blog is getting up there in years (I believe I started this in ~2012, and retooled it to what you see now in mid '14), I figured I'd start dealing with dead links in head-on fashion. I'll just choose some random releases for this one, if you have any specific request for a future round-up, feel free to comment.

Ecomcon - Analog
One of the first of many things I put on this archive of sorts, a slab of plunderphonia. I do love this kind of stuff, with its liberal abuse of musical samples and plucked sounds from old education film. More on the Tape-Beatles side of the genre, if you like that stuff. Maybe a bit more nonsensical compared to them, maybe Special Ed is a more apt comparison? Anyway, without further trangressions, here you are:

Featuring familiar names in Jack Wright, Sue Ann Harkey, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Chris Cochrane, Doug Henderson, Ikue Mori, Matthew Ostrowski, and George Cartwright, this is something of an underground free improv supergroup of sorts. Structure, terra incognita to many an improviser, has never been this fragmented and loose in terms of a jazz LP. The main premise is this: take the surrealist game of Exquisite Corpses and insert it into a musical format, allowing performers to play as they like and ultimately create a coherent yet "cohesive" piece of art. Similar to the classic private press improv group Iowa Ear Group. Comes with a cool explanation explaining the schematics of it all.

Johnstown's biggest hit since the flood, Story Of Failure is nice, ripping Fall-esque post-punkery. A nice working class flair to it, too. Side-note, this may be due for a re-rip from me, I think I left the line-in a bit too loud causing it to be a bit shrill. Still, it's good stuff.

V/A - Acousticide
All kinds of stuff going on here: noise, improv, ambient, collage... All rather overlapping styles, but it's still cool to see variety in documents such as these. Lotta focus on the Colorado scene with figures such as Jeph Jerman, Blowhole, and Lab Rat on display. There is also appearances from cassette culture regulars blackhumour and Kapotte Muziek. A real gem is the Sun City Girls rarity, about ten minutes of improv goodness.

Smersh - 3 Bangs
Cassette culture's best pop combo, Smersh released tons upon tons of popsongs in various formats through countless venues. This is a nice little slab of vinyl containing some great would-be hits in another world. Less harsh, more synthpoppy than what I've usually heard from this group. Still great, though.

An unholy racket. An apt description of this 7 inch from Lucky Garage, a label which I had taken quite an interest in. This interest is fed by the fact that my favorite record shop had a bunch of their releases in the used 45 section of the store, so I've listened to a good chunk of their catalog. Perkis, I believe, was a part of the electronic music group known as The Hub and League of Automatic Music Composers, both early electro-music pioneers of sorts. This is quite a departure, resembling more of Polly Bradfield than Morton Subotnick.


  1. If when you get a chance you could reupload the Dennis Báthory-Kitsz albums, I would appreciate it. Thanks.