Friday, January 13, 2017

Jaki Jakizawa - Can You Feel The Juices?

Label : Milvia Son Records - MS006
Country : US
Year : 2011
Format : LP
Gross, or a synonym thereof, is often used when describing this album. It's easy to see why, just look at the greasy mug on the cover and the title of the A-side. Or the goddamned title: it's a very unsettling question. Yes, this album is pretty gross, as in disgusting, grotesque, or any other sense of the word before the co-opting of the term by network dwelling sycophants. But the music itself is not as deplorable as the packaging makes it out to be. The top flip side "Period Blood" would bring to mind some goregrind style juvenilia, but it really is, as Music for Maniacs describes it, "like Giorgio Moroder goes free jazz". The bottom side of the slab is the kicker here: "Eros in Neon". A kraut-synth juggernaught, beautifully developing a simple line throughout it's ~16 minute runtime. Reminds me of lucid produce and such as that.

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