Saturday, May 12, 2018

Olliwor - To Many Heroes

Label : Das Moniflabel - PP015
Year : 1988
Country : Switzerland
Format : C60
Or is it "OILiwoЯ"? Think Chris Knox further augmented by the Residents and label honcho 
Die Welttraumforscher, and at times antecedent to the utterly unique Svede mrperfect.
Another treat from the welt of Loon:
a previous mystery to me in the Moniflabel catalog, I had only so much information provided to me about the who's and what's of this project; Olliwor Fried is the token.
On this tape, the singularly named Olliwor
plays the browns as it were, a focus on
lowfi pop and the odd interlude
of dreamtime.
My comparisons above were rather immediate connections.
     Very Tall Dwarfs, in an affected English that is. The best parts of this exercise is the bent melodies mixed with
       the discordant synths and fuzzed out geetars. It is rather different from the usual Forscher affair but also very much hereditary, especially based on what I have heard from the early days of the label.

I'm going to continuously seek out as much as I can from Das Moniflabel 
With that, enjoie.

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