Thursday, September 21, 2017

Various Artists - LowLife 17

Label : RRR Records - RRR-L03
Year : 1993
Country: US
Format : LP

Hello, here's something I've had for a little while and never bothered to upload for whatever reason. This here is a companion to the LowLife zine which apparently existed and RRR pressed for a coupla times... Too much indeh rawk here for me, don't care for it. There is some good avant moments, however. Murray Reams and Paul Hoskin play together on 'ere, and the mostly unknown band called Cake inverts their more popular and similarly named contemporary with some exp. folk dirges. Tinnitus is cool, too, and befitting of its name. My memory isn't very good, so maybe I imagined what this whole record sounded like in lieu of listening to it again. Well...

It also came with this booklet, presumably the zine in question. It's pretty cool, contains some reviews about now acclaimed cult klassics like Spiderland (a pretty ambivalent review for that one, all told). Some illustrations, too! Pretty... Didn't scan it, though.

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